At TheraCure Physical Therapy, I take pride in providing one-on-one healthcare that you should receive. From the moment you make that phone call to schedule your appointment to the day of your discharge, I make sure I understand the root cause of your ailment, create a personalized plan of care for you and maximize your body’s ability to heal. I do not believe that one treatment approach fits all; your plan of care should be personalized to your fitness and wellness goals in life. I am very hands-on with my therapy and give you my complete undivided attention during your appointment. Your participation and prescribed take-home exercises are especially crucial to your recovery. I motivate you to have your fullest participation in the treatment plan by using a tailored approach that suits your lifestyle.

Physical Therapy is not only my profession but my calling in life. I have been a Physical Therapist for 13+ years practicing Orthopedics, Ergonomics, and Pelvic Health. I decided to pursue Pelvic Health after experiencing back pain during my first pregnancy and incontinence after my second. In both cases, Physical Therapy was the only treatment method that pulled me out of pain and incontinence.

Besides Physical Therapy, I enjoy cooking, gardening, travelling, volunteering and spending time with my family and kids.