Treatment Tools

Manual Therapy (joint and soft tissue mobilization /massage) is a hands-on approach to increase range of motion, facilitate movement and function, to reduce: pain, muscle tension and spasms, inflammation and swelling; in order to normalize the function of our body’s joint and muscles.

Therapeutic Exercise increases strength, flexibility, circulation, balance, coordination and posture. It can be achieved manually or by utilizing weight machines, Pilates equipment, free weights, graded exercise tubing or bands, aerobic or other types of equipment.

Spinal Stabilization Training involves exercises designed to strengthen and increase control of neck, trunk, arm and leg muscles while actively supporting the spine in its most pain-free optimal posture. The results are reduced stress on the injured spine and increased abilities in life’s activities.

Neuromuscular Reeducation/ Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) are specialized types of exercise that incorporates the concept of motor control and learning to improve movement, balance, proprioception, kinesthetic sense and perceptual motor skills to maximize functional activities.

Modalities include the use of ice, heat, paraffin, ultrasound, electrotherapy (TENS, functional muscle stimulation, interferential current (IFC) and microcurrent), iontophoresis, phonophoresis, Anodyne infrared, cervical and lumbar traction; to decrease pain, swelling, inflammation and promote healing.