Services & Programs

We offer Individualized Outpatient Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Rehabilitation provided by educated and experienced Physical Therapists utilizing a variety of techniques and modalities.

Spinal Stabilization Treatment Program is included as part of most spine patient’s therapy. It focuses on “Core” strength, posture awareness, and body control. You will utilize exercises, visual and tactile cues, gymnastic balls/ foam rolls, Pilates and other pieces of equipment to better protect the spine, while optimizing your function at work and home.

Back School Program is primary an educational program provided to spinal patients. It addresses their specific pathology using models and pictures, posture and body mechanics instruction, ergonomics and injury prevention. Basic exercises are provided to facilitate a stronger, more flexible and stable trunk.

Work Conditioning Program provides the recovering worker with an intensive total body conditioning program; incorporating work related activities and focused treatment to areas of physical deficiencies, for a 3 to 6 week period. Posture and body mechanics are monitored and reinforced with special attention to injury prevention. The primary goal is to returning the worker to his or her job fully functional.

Sport Specific Training Program is tailored for the weekend warrior trying to improve their golf game to high performing athletes. After a thorough physical assessment all physical components needed to achieve maximal potential are addressed, including but not limited to: sports specific exercises, drills, body alignment/ mechanics and injury prevention.

Pilates Program is a great method in treating patients to regain their core control, postural alignment, movement awareness, flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and ease of movement , all combined with correct breathing patterns. The whole body is trained integrating all Pilates Principles. The results are improved postural alignment, movement awareness, a stable trunk and long lean muscles with good flexibility and coordination. You can vary the emphasis of your treatment depending on patients needs, either to stabilize, mobilize, strengthen or stretch. The equipment is extremely versatile and uses a spring system either to assist or resist movement patterns. That is why Pilates can be used in the rehabilitation of older fragile low-level patient and children al the way to the strongest most competitive athlete.

Osteoporosis Program will restore mobility, function, strength, confidence, and enhance the safety and security of your everyday life and prevent fractures. Exercise is fundamental in slowing the progression of osteoporosis. Exercise makes bones strong and resilient, while inactivity leads to diminished bone mass and weakness. We will design an exercise program to improve your posture, core control, coordination, teach appropriate body mechanics and a home program to help prevent fractures and falls. It is important to remember that exercises have to be done regularly to bring long term benefits.

Peripheral Neuropathy (Diabetic) Treatment Program utilizes the Anodyne infrared modality in conjunction with gait/balance training, flexibility, strength and cardio-vascular exercises for reduced pain, improved circulation and sensation to maximize the patient’s weight bearing function.

Physical Wellness and Fitness Training Program addresses any individual’s specific physical goals. It may focus on improving a person’s body mass index (BMI), blood pressure (BP),cardio-vascular (CV) status, strength, flexibility and functional activities . It may also be directed toward returning an individual to a prior level of function after a disabling event, like a prolonged illness, or any period of deconditioning. Some people simply use this program to enhance their level of function to keep up with a new puppy or active grandchildren. It’s up to you!

Independent Gym Exercise Program is an individually designed exercise program for our patient’s who, have completed their formal physical therapy but choose to maintain/ maximize their physical status. It also facilitates a positive exercise habit for a healthy life style. It includes stretching, the use of our aerobic and weight training equipment and other exercises to improve balance, endurance, strength and function. Our physical therapists are always present to assist when necessary.